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DUPLOFLEXFOL 010 ( 100 MICRONS PLATE MOUNTING TAPE) The Plate Mounting Tape solution for the most sophisticated tasks in letter press printing. Duploflex Fol is the industry's premier double-sided adhesive tape for mounting pre-cast counters. When applied to the back of a precast counter, Duploflex Fol provides tremendous holding power, which helps to assure the counter won't move or "walk" on press. As a polyester-based film adhesive, Duploflex Fol is designed to be very resilient to heat and pressure and will not crush or spread like some paper-based adhesives do. Duploflex Fol is a pressman's dream product as it is easy and fast to apply while providing reliable performance and it can be removed without the use of dangerous or messy chemicals. Recommended for: emboss, deboss and combination (fluted) jobs THICKNESS:100 MICRONS ProduCt advantages: • The dimensional stable PVC film carrier in combination with an aggressive synthetic rubber pressure sensitive adhesive is particularly suitable for hard, tolerance-free mounting of printing plates in flexographic printing. • Excellent tolerance compliance. • The adhesive system has been developed for the mounting of photo-polymer plates. We provide ready stocks in our office in OKHLA, New Delhi at the MOST Competitive Prices in India
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