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TESA 52310 ( 100 MICRONS PLATE MOUNTING TAPE) Product Features tesa® 52310 (transparent), tesa® 52315 (yellow), tesa® 52320 (white) and tesa® 52325 (light pink) are a range of tesaprint® plate mounting tapes, each of a different thickness category. They all feature PVC backings and rubber adhesives and are equipped with a structured PP liner, which prevents the formation of air pockets during plate mounting. Since the specially designed adhesive does not reach its final adhesion level immediately, plates can be easily repositioned during plate mounting. Later during printing, the final adhesion has been reached, ensuring secure plate bond and no edge lift. After printing, the tesaprint® products are easily removable and do not leave residues. The tesaprint® products can be used for various applications, e.g. plate mounting on compressible sleeves, letterpress plate mounting, or dry offset blanket mounting. Main Applications Plate mounting for various applications WE PROVIDE READY STOCK IN OUR OFFICE IN OKHLA, NEW DELHI AT MOST COMPETITIVE PRICES IN INDIA
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